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I have thoroughly enjoyed this training. Sue gives a wealth of tips that can easily be put into place in ANY classroom – Thank you!

Teacher, Worsley Bridge Primary School, Beckenham, Kent

School Training Sessions include:

  • Skills required for handwriting
  • How to identify common handwriting problems and tips to help correct them
  • Handwriting intervention
  • Progression from letter formation to cursive writing
  • Understanding the handwriting requirements in the current National Curriculum and Primary Assessments
  • A whole school approach to handwriting and how to implement the Morrells scheme to quickly improve handwriting
  • Guidance on a whole school handwriting policy

Buy a training session for your school

The training session is 2 hours.
Virtual training £354
In-person training £456
Prices include VAT.

Thank you for the incredible training. The feedback has been fantastic, with some staff members saying that it has been the best teacher training event they have ever attended. We have also been recommending you to our local primaries and will be talking to our feeder schools about the importance of this training.

Clare Poynton-Craig, Teacher, Ysgol Emrys Ap Iwan Secondary School

Training sessions suitable for all teaching staff and trainee teachers

Sue Presenting at Worsley Bridge School
Sue presenting at Wandsworth Professional Development Centre

Learn how to correct handwriting

Sue Handwriting Lesson 1 Letter Formation

Really helpful workshop. The books are fantastic and easy to use. The tweezer advice was also 5* – great tips from Sue!
Ana Lameiras, SENDCO, The Knightsbridge Kindergarten

With over 15 years of experience teaching handwriting to children, teenagers and adults, Sue Smits has expert knowledge on how legible handwriting is best achieved. Sue loves nothing better than sharing this knowledge with teaching staff, trainee teachers and parents.

The training delves through the root causes of handwriting problems and offers solutions to fix the scruffiest handwriting. The training explores childhood development and why bilateral integration, visual perception and motor skills are important for handwriting.

Sue is an expert at helping schools switch from the pre-cursive with the lead-in stroke and continuous cursive handwriting.

All of the training sessions are interactive, fun and are tailored to each school based on their individual needs. Sue can train a minimum of 2 to 500 adults, either after school or on inset training days. This can be virtually on Zoom or in-person following current government guidelines.

If you are interested in booking a training session with Morrells Handwriting, email or call today to enquire about availability.

Prices for our training sessions are based on a 90 minute training session followed by any questions. We can invoice your school or you can pay by credit card on the website.

The training provided an excellent insight into the teaching of handwriting and how to teach it effectively in schools.

Danielle Gaynor, Literacy Lead, Wandsworth

Clear whole-school approach to neat, legible writing from early stages of writing.

Sarah, English Coordinator, Wandsworth

Parent workshops and school visits available

It is vital that parents understand how they can help with their child’s handwriting at home, so their child can receive the best support both inside and outside of school. It is for this reason that, along with our teacher training sessions, we at Morrells also offer handwriting workshops for parents in schools.

We can carry out a handwriting workshop at your school, which we have specifically designed to teach parents how they can support their child’s handwriting development at home.

These workshops can be carried out after school and will be offered free to schools that purchase the Morrells Handwriting books.

If you are interested in booking a training session with Morrells Handwriting, email or call today to enquire about availability.

An eye opener! Great examples showing how handwriting should be done

Shabana, KS1 Lead/Y2 teacher, Wandsworth

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