Handwriting Workshops For Children, Teenagers And Adults At Retail Shops

“Sue is really lovely and clearly extremely knowledgeable and skilled. Just half an hour with her improved my daughter’s writing noticeably and left us with clear and simple strategies to continue at home.”
Caroline Murphy

Sue Smits has been teaching handwriting for over a decade and can identify and correct a handwriting problem in minutes. Her free workshops are fun, informative and offer a wealth of practical handwriting tips to ensure children, teenagers and adults achieve speedy legible handwriting.
Sue holds a number of workshops throughout the year in many retail shops.
Visit Sue at any of the workshops below to learn a wealth of tips on handwriting including:

  • Techniques for letter formation
  • How to write neatly in a cursive style
  • Learn about the perfect posture for handwriting
  • Holding a pencil or pen correctly
  • Choosing the perfect writing instrument
  • The importance of core motor skills activities for strength
Sue presenting at WHSmith IOM
WHSmith Staines workshop
Morrells Handwriting workshop WHSmith

Up and Coming Retail Workshops

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Drop into any of our free instore workshops between 10:00 and 16:00.

Check with your local WHSmith store to see when our next workshop will be held.

You can drop into one of our FREE instore workshops to get expert handwriting advice.

Please note: during busy times you may have to queue. Please contact either the venue or Morrells Handwriting.

Our handwriting workshops are perfect for children, teenagers and adults and use Dyslexia and Dyspraxia friendly resources.

WRITEWELL Workshops for schools
Morrells Handwriting and Left n Write Ltd offer handwriting and combined training for your school to help both left and right handers who are struggling with their handwriting. For more details and to book visit: www.writewell.co.uk

Parent and store feedback

Meeting Sue, the handwriting expert in Staines WHSmith today was wonderful and very informative. We are very grateful for her help and it will improve my children’s handwriting and their confidence too. Also, thank you to WHSmith for arranging this opportunity. You are helping families as well as the community. Great job!
Mrs Dacres

This has been amazing. I have learnt so much and now I am able to take this forward to help my children write. As far as I’m concerned this has been invaluable to me. Thank you both so much
Staines WHSmith

Incredible! Sue corrected my daughter’s handwriting so she’s now able to write more clearly with speed. Thank you!
Guilford WHSmith

Thank you so much, we’ve learnt a lot today but wish we had known it sooner! I can already see the improvement.

Great session! My 7 year old really enjoyed learning to write and you were very patient and engaging with him as well as explaining everything to us as parents.
Glasgow WHSmith

I cannot recommend Morrells Handwriting more highly. Sue has transformed my children’s handwriting. We had previously (wrongly) been told by numerous teachers she was “too old to change her grip,” “handwriting wasn’t important,” “I should concentrate on touch typing”. In a single lesson she put us on the straight and narrow and explained the children needed to do exercises to strengthen their fingers and handwriting muscles. We left after an hour already being able to see a difference in their writing. She clearly explains how letters are formed and where they should sit on the line. Her lined paper helps enormously and her books are brilliant. My children now have good handwriting and will have for life. Thank you.
Lucinda Froggatt

Our daughter had left sided Hemiparesis which affects her on a daily basis and was particularly struggling with her hand writing. We visited WH Smith in Douglas and met the lovely Sue, who sat with Chloe and helped her with her handwriting. She came away feeling more confident and her handwriting has improved a lot. I would highly recommend Morrells expertise. Thank you Sue, see you again soon!
Jo Rollitt

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