One-to-One Handwriting Lesson with Sue on Zoom


Don’t struggle with handwriting. Book a Zoom handwriting lesson with specialist Sue Smits from Morrells Handwriting.

Sue has over 14 years’ of experience from working in schools and teaching handwriting to more than 1000 EYFS, primary and secondary school children each week. She is also a trainer of trainee teachers and teaching staff in primary and secondary schools.

Sue’s knowledge and passion for the correct teaching methods enables all children, teenagers and adults to write legibly.

Sue Smits is the founder of Morrells Handwriting and Author of the Morrells Handwriting series of books that help students to succeed in legible handwriting.



What you get/what will be covered:

The one-to-one 30 minutes Zoom lesson will help your child to improve their handwriting technique and letter formation or joining technique. The handwriting lessons are suitable for 5 years to adult.

After purchasing a handwriting lesson, Sue will email you to arrange a date and time for the lesson. A meeting ID and password will be emailed to you once we have received payment and have a confirmed date and time for the meeting.

SayHola Reviews

"Both my children had a session with Sue today and it was brilliant. Sue's expertise is second to none however..."Eve, parent
"Sue has been so helpful devising a plan to help my son improve his handwriting. Her knowledge is fantastic and..."Veronica, parent
"I would like to sincerely thank Sue for the in-depth advice she has given following a quick query that I..."Fiona, parent
"Words cannot express our sincere gratitude to Sue for all her expert guidence with helping my two young daughters agaed..."M – Parent
"Sue is really lovely and clearly extremely knowledgeable and skilled. Just half an hour with her improved my daughter's writing..."Caroline, parent
"I cannot recommend Morrells Handwriting more highly. Sue has transformed my children’s handwriting. We had previously (wrongly) been told by..."Lucinda, parent

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