Morrells Tutor Training Sessions


Morrells Handwriting runs training sessions for professionals who wish to offer handwriting lessons.

Training includes all training materials (UK only).



Morrells Handwriting Tutor Training

This is an in-depth training session and is split into two 2 hour training sessions and one free virtual consultation to help you set up virtual lessons.

Each tutor receives a full set of the Morrells Handwriting resources; handwriting aids; ongoing support whenever it is required and a certificate of training.

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Once qualified, the Morrells Handwriting tutors are not part of a franchise. This enables individual tutors to run handwriting lessons alongside their current tutoring business. However, every Morrells Handwriting tutor must use the Morrells Handwriting scheme and method to teach handwriting.

The 2 hour theory course includes:

  • the environmental problems that can lead to poor handwriting skills
  • identifying developmental problems and root causes that can affect handwriting
  • developing dexterity – important for speed and fluency
  • supporting the human development needed for legible handwriting
  • the importance of postural control for auditory processing and the correct sitting position to write
  • correcting a poor pencil grip for left and right-handers
  • teaching letter formation using the magic root letters
  • cursive (joined-up handwriting) when and how to introduce it
  • case studies – identifying handwriting problems and how to correct them.

The 2 hour practical course includes:

  • exercises to warm up the hands for handwriting
  • how to teach a child to pick up a pencil correctly
  • how to teach pencil grip, pencil control and paper position for both left and right-handers
  • hand dominance
  • handwriting practice using the handwriting families and how to develop handwriting
  • unpicking joining technique issues
  • case studies – unpicking handwriting issues
  • teaching a handwriting lesson to an individual
  • teaching handwriting to a group of children
  • teaching in-person and virtual handwriting lessons
  • the Morrells Handwriting resources and how to use them
  • a full run through of a handwriting lesson using the Morrells Handwriting resources.

SayHola Reviews

"I couldn’t have met Sue Smits at a better time. I am a fully qualified primary school teacher. The class I teach are a mixed Year 1 and 2 class. Sue has taught me how to identify handwriting problems, and most importantly, how to rectify these. Sue has taught me how to help children to improve their writing and how to fix the root cause of any problem involved with putting pen (or pencil) to paper. I think this is amazing. So many handwriting specialists focus on the last part and not the root"Helen David

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