Handwriting Training with Sue


Whole school handwriting training for teaching staff in both primary and secondary schools.



With over 15 years of experience teaching handwriting to children, teenagers and adults, Sue Smits has expert knowledge on how legible handwriting is best achieved. Sue loves nothing better than sharing this knowledge with teaching staff, trainee teachers and parents.

The training delves through the root causes of handwriting problems and offers solutions to fix the scruffiest handwriting. The training explores childhood development and why bilateral integration, visual perception and motor skills are important for handwriting.

Sue is an expert at helping schools switch from the pre-cursive with the lead-in stroke and continuous cursive handwriting.

All of the training sessions are interactive, fun and are tailored to each school based on their individual needs. Sue can train a minimum of 2 to 500 adults, either after school or on inset training days. This can be virtually on Zoom or in-person following current government guidelines.

If you are interested in booking a training session with Morrells Handwriting, email or call today to enquire about availability.

Prices for our training sessions are based on a 90 minute training session followed by any questions. We can invoice your school or you can pay by credit card on the website. The price includes VAT

SayHola Reviews

"Once again, Sue has delivered a fascinating insight into handwriting. We had Sue in school a few years ago and her wealth of knowledge amazed us even then. It is clear, however, that she has not stopped since our last meeting and has been researching and lobbying for changes to be made to how handwriting is taught and implemented. Morrells Handwriting scheme comes with a wealth of knowledge, science, and support behind it. A fantastic opportunity to understand how to improve handwriting at not only primary school, but beyond."Jo Price, Deputy Head, High Legh Primary School
"Both my children had a session with Sue today and it was brilliant. Sue's expertise is second to none however it's her gentle but no-nonsense approach to feedback which I really appreciate. It helps to build the child's confidence whilst providing clarity on what they should do to improve. Both boys enjoyed the session and we look forward to trying out some of the tips!"Eve, parent
"Sue has been so helpful devising a plan to help my son improve his handwriting. Her knowledge is fantastic and her suggestions reflect this. Without Sue’s input I think my son would continue to have handwriting difficulties that impede his ability to express himself in the written format. I look forward to implementing all of Sue’s amazing suggestions and working through the Morrells books she has suggested."Veronica, parent
"I would like to sincerely thank Sue for the in-depth advice she has given following a quick query that I sent. This has not only enabled a successful referral to OT but has given us an opener for conversations with school. It has also had such a huge effect on my son's confidence - to be told that there might be a reason why he finds handwriting so hard has been a weight off his shoulders. We can't wait to see what will come out of an actual session with Sue. Thank you again Sue"Fiona, parent
"Words cannot express our sincere gratitude to Sue for all her expert guidance with helping my two young daughters aged 8 & 6 with their handwriting. Your personalised approach to your customers is very much appreciated. My eldest daughter’s handwriting has improved dramatically with the use of the books and Sue’s advice. Thank you!"M – Parent
"Sue is really lovely and clearly extremely knowledgeable and skilled. Just half an hour with her improved my daughter's writing noticeably and left us with clear and simple strategies to continue at home."Caroline, parent
"I cannot recommend Morrells Handwriting more highly. Sue has transformed my children’s handwriting. We had previously (wrongly) been told by numerous teachers she was “too old to change her grip,” “handwriting wasn’t important,” “I should concentrate on touch typing”. In a single lesson she put us on the straight and narrow and explained the children needed to do exercises to strengthen their fingers and handwriting muscles. We left after an hour already being able to see a difference in their writing. She clearly explains how letters are formed and where they should sit on the line. Her lined paper helps enormously and her books are brilliant. My children now have good handwriting and will have for life. Thank you."Lucinda, parent

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