Handwriting Tutors

Are you looking for a handwriting tutor? Morrells Handwriting has a number of qualified handwriting tutors that have undergone extensive training with us to offer 1-1 or group handwriting lessons, either in-person or on Zoom.

Helen David handwriting tutor

Helen David

Helen is a qualified teacher specialising in handwriting. She can work with your child to improve their handwriting using the tried and tested method of Morrells Handwriting to identify and treat the root cause of all handwriting problems.

Based near Cardiff, Helen can help your child to gain their confidence, to improve their dexterity, handwriting technique and letter formation whilst building up writing confidence.

Please contact Helen directly using the link below for prices and to book a lesson.

Sarah Webb Handwriting Tutor

Sarah Webb – Gillingham, Kent

Sarah is a qualified primary school teacher and SENCo who has been trained to use the Morrells methods to support children with their handwriting. Sarah works with the child and their family to look for the root cause of a child’s handwriting difficulty before putting a bespoke programme of support in place. Please click the link to find out more about how Sarah can support your child’s handwriting:

Read to Grow Tuition – Handwriting (tutorbird.com)

Fiona Lipscombe Handwriting Specialist

Fiona Lipscombe – Surrey

Primary School Teacher and Handwriting Specialist

Is your child’s writing legible and do they enjoy writing or is it a struggle?

Do any of these sound familiar? Your child has great ideas but is reluctant to write or finds it exhausting; their teacher finds their writing difficult to read; they struggle with longer pieces of written work and are reluctant to improve their work and finally, they find it difficult to write fluently at speed. 

All of these problems can be resolved with the correct targeted intervention. 

Although so much writing is done on laptops and computers now, GCSE’s and A-levels are written assessments and it is so important that the teachers and external markers can read what is being written or they simply will not mark it. With this in mind, it is hugely important to tackle any problems quickly and effectively as soon as possible. 

Fiona is a qualified Morrells Tutor and uses the Morrells Handwriting scheme. She has helped writers of all ages and abilities make an incredible improvement in a relatively short space of time. Having used the Morrells programme with a number of children, she has seen how easily big improvements in legibility can be made. 

Fiona is a qualified primary teacher, handwriting specialist and has helped children of all ages including A level students with their handwriting. 

Please get in touch if would like find out more. Fiona’s number is 07590 678962 or please email at Fiona_lipscombe@me.com

Mohamed Mohamed handwriting tutor

Mohamed Mohamed – London

Mohamed had a career in education for 15 years, building up experience across schools in London and Hertfordshire. Mohamed is a former Headteacher and has significant experience working with the local authority to support schools with maths, English and assessment procedures.

Riffat Fatima profile

Riffat Fatima – Scotland (North)

Handwriting Tutor

Riffat graduated as a medical professional (dental surgeon) however, ever since being a parent, she has dedicated herself to the field of education and learning through sports for the past 20 years. In her multiple roles, both paid and voluntary, she grasps any and all opportunities to nurture and to contribute towards supporting and developing an individual’s ability, be it as a guide, a coach, an instructor or a tutor.

Now as an added role of qualified Morrells Handwriting tutor, Riffat is passionate to support the learners, regardless of their age, to develop their ability to write legibly and effortlessly. With Riffat’s critical eye and in depth observational capability, she can identify the root cause of messy handwriting and offer solutions that can produce rapid and transformational results. Clear penmanship is an important skill that can be acquired by all with the correct approach and guidance.

Contact Riffat on; penmanship4all@hotmail.com

Michelle Stone profile

Michelle Stone – East Yorkshire

Michelle has been teaching since 2004 and has worked in a variety of schools in Hull, London and Leeds before becoming a Specialist Teacher in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Michelle completed the National Handwriting Association (NHA) training in 2018 and since then has developed a specialism in handwriting, now working as the Co-Vice Chair of the NHA.

Michelle can offer individual or small group tuition to support handwriting development either in person or online.  

Using the Morrells method of teaching handwriting, Michelle can support to improve handwriting and confidence in handwriting with both children and adults. All resources and planning align with National Curriculum expectations. 

Michelle is based in Beverley, East Yorkshire and can support children/adults locally.

Please get in touch for further information and prices.
Contact Michelle on; theyorkshirehandwritingtutor@gmail.com

Instagram @theyorkshirehandwritingtutor

Joanna Whale profile

Joanna Whale – South-East, online only

Joanna is a qualified secondary English teacher, dyslexia specialist (AMBDA, level 7, M.Ed) and dyscalculia specialist (level 5). She completed a Masters in Inclusive Education prior to starting a family, but since becoming a mother it has held particular personal significance, and she is committed to supporting other parents of children who have additional needs.

As a former Home Educator, and current flexi-schooler, Joanna has a particular interest in working with families educating in this way, whether through choice or due to unmet needs in school.

Joanna’s interest in handwriting came about when she was working as an English teacher, when she observed the difficulties her older students experienced when they had not had sufficient support for their handwriting as youngsters. As a left-hander herself, and mother to a left-hander, she has a particular desire to support students who are also left-handed.

Joanna is based in the South-East, but works exclusively online, via Zoom.

To find out about the services Joanna offers, please visit her website:

or follow her on Facebook:

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