Digital greetings cards that actually encourage us to write, whatever next?

digital greetings cardsdigital greetings cards

I recently came across an interesting article in The Times, surrounding the topic of digital greetings cards. This article discussed that there are a growing number of people who are now using apps and software, where an image of an individual’s handwriting can be uploaded and then printed onto a greetings card.

Inkly, a business based in London,  offer “personalised greetings cards” printed with an image of your handwriting. The business explains that they often receive images of a child’s handwriting, which the parent wishes to add to a card to send to family or friends, as it “removes the hassle involved in sending greetings cards without losing the personal touch”. We agree! Although it is my belief that digital innovations are causing people to write less and less, this Inkly innovation still requires a child to write, while saving you the time of going to the shop to purchase a card.

Writing cards is an excellent way to encourage your child to practise their handwriting and it enables you to ensure that your child can write their name correctly, using the correct letter formation. The process of repeating the same letter shapes of the letters within their name helps to embed these letter patterns within your child’s muscle memory.

Letter Formation

Our series of Letter Formation workbooks help teach the correct letter direction and our Joining letters series of workbooks are perfect for learning the correct cursive method needed for the current National Curriculum.

Enjoy writing again with Morrells Handwriting.

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