We are continuing our Write With Us handwriting campaign into the New Year

Morrells Handwriting Write with Us Handwriting CampaignMorrells Handwriting Write with Us Handwriting Campaign

After the success that our Write With Us handwriting campaign had leading up to Christmas, we will now be continuing this campaign into the New Year.

We are encouraging parents to get their child to write ‘Thank you’ cards to friends and family, for any gifts they received over the holidays.

Writing ‘Thank You’ cards is an excellent way that you can continue your child’s handwriting practice before they return to school, as it enables you to ensure that your child can write their name correctly, using correct letter formation. The process of repeating the same letter shapes of the letters within their name, will help to embed these letter patterns within your child’s muscle memory. This is because the eyes take a video recording of what your child is writing, helping to build up a visual image and reinforce letter direction and orientation into the muscle memory.

Getting your child to actually create the ‘Thank you’ cards will also help to improve their handwriting. This is because activities that use the hands, such as cutting, sticking and painting, help to develop the fine motor skills needed for handwriting, as well as develop the hand and wrist muscles also needed to achieve legible handwriting.

However, if you are unable to make ‘Thank you’ cards with your child, simply playing board games over the holiday season will also help with your child’s hand-eye coordination, and therefore help to improve their handwriting.

If you are a parent and are unsure of the correct letter formation your child should be using to write their name, you can visit our online shop or pick up our workbooks from any of our stockists:

If you decide to get involved with our ‘Write With Us’ campaign, don’t forget to send us or tag us in your pictures of your child making or writing ‘Thank you’ cards on our Twitter and Facebook.

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