Morrells Alphabet and Number Formation Instruction Wall Cards


26 large alphabet wall cards and 10 large number wall cards in each pack.

A4 size – landscape (210mm x 297mm)   



There are 26 large alphabet wall cards and 10 large number wall cards in each pack. 

The pack includes both lower and uppercase letters, along with numbers from 0-9. Each card features a clear starting point and the correct direction with instructional arrows and our unique bounce technique to guide the writer easily through forming both upper and lowercase letters.

These alphabet and number cards are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways with your students.

Display the cards around the classroom in their handwriting family groups, or use them as flash cards so pupils can refer to them whenever they get stuck. Before long, children will be familiar with the correct letter and number formation.

A brilliant addition to your classroom, this valuable resource uses the Sassoon font and is perfect for teaching your pupils to recognise and recall the correct letter and number formation.

Supports the national curriculum and is ideal for school or home use.

Suitable for: Foundation / Key Stage 1 / Key Stage 2

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