Morrells Handwriting and WHSmith Encourages Teenagers to Enjoy Writing by Hand Again

WHSmith handwriting workshopWHSmith handwriting workshop

Many of today’s teenagers struggle with handwriting during exams due to the overuse of technology. It was no surprise for me to see teenagers queuing up for handwriting help at my recent handwriting workshop at the Douglas branch of WHSmith.

To write legibly, fluently and at speed, both left and right handers need to be taught to grip a pen using the correct technique, form letters correctly, keep the words on the line and space them evenly. Bad habits soon cause the writer pain, slowing down writing speed and causing illegible handwriting, all which lower academic achievement.

Several of the teenagers who attended my workshop were worried about their poor handwriting skills when writing at speed during their GCSE and A Level exams. They feared that they would be unable to complete their exam papers in the allocated time and that they would lose valuable marks because their handwriting would be too difficult to read.

I was able to offer all of the exam student’s practical tips on how using the easy-to-follow Morrells Handwriting books at home would quickly boost their writing speed and give them neat handwriting in time for their exams.

Each handwriting workbook is jam-packed with handwriting help to transform the poorest of writing. Just pick up a pen, follow the instructions on how to write correctly and trace over the letters, words and sentences. The magic formula for legible handwriting, which is embedded into each Morrells Handwriting book, will do the rest.

Visitors to the workshop couldn’t wait to let everyone know about their visit. “Whilst in town today we nipped into WHSmiths and the lovely people in there doing the help with handwriting gave my children some fantastic tips to help them with their handwriting, they can’t wait to show their teachers on Monday what they did.” Kathryn – Parent

“These people are amazing and have really helped my son with a 10 min chat in store. It is really worth going down to see them.” Aimee – Parent

Kevin Lee, Deputy Store Manager said, “The Morrells Handwriting books outsell all other handwriting publications in our store because they fill a gap in the market by helping older learners with their handwriting. When teenagers discover the joy of writing by hand, it encourages them to take a break from technology and boosts our stationery sales.”

Want to help teenager’s access handwriting help? Stock Morrells Handwriting books in your store today and help improve academic achievement in our secondary schools.

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