Find Space on Your Shelves for Morrells Handwriting

Morrells Handwriting workshop in Isle of Man WHSmith store

There was a real buzz at my handwriting workshop inside the Isle of Man branch of WHSmith last Saturday.

Children and adults patiently queued throughout the day to receive handwriting help, including an adult whose husband had bought her an expensive fountain pen but was struggling to use it correctly. Using my Joining Letters Book 3, I changed her writing angle and her pen grip for perfect handwriting with a fountain pen.

I organised this free educational event as a thank you to Simon Nettle, Store Manager and Kevin Lee, Deputy Store Manager for making space for my handwriting books on their store shelves.

Simon said, “As soon as I saw the Morrells Handwriting books, I could see them sitting on our shelves. At first, we were curious as to how well they would sell in our store as they were distinctively different from any other handwriting book on the market.Being based on ability rather than age goes against the grain of all the other handwriting workbooks we have previously sold, but it is because of this that teenagers and adults love them just as much as young children, and that is what makes them sell well.”

“Since 2016 we have sold over 1000 Morrells Handwriting books in this one store,” said Simon. “I am proud to have been part of the phenomenal buzz that was in our store last Saturday. These books have outperformed my expectations and the figures speak for themselves. The Morrells Handwriting books have certainly earned their place on the shelves of WHSmith stores and we would be missing a major opportunity by not stocking this range of handwriting books in all WHSmith stores.”

Do not miss your opportunity to increase sales of educational books in your stores. Find space for Morrells Handwriting books on your shelves today.

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