WHSmith Launch: the Morrells Handwriting Journey

Morrells Handwriting are excited to announce the roll-out of our handwriting books and workshops in WHSmith stores across the country.

As this has been years in the making, I thought it would be great to give you a behind-the-scenes look at my journey into WHSmith stores.


The Journey 

In August of 2013, I was delighted to host my very first handwritingworkshop at the WHSmith Douglas branch, located on the Isle of Man, after having built a great relationship with Simon Nettle, Store Manager and Kevin Lee, Deputy Store Manager.

After sharing the ethos behind Morrells, it was amazing to see that Simon and Kevin understood what I was trying to achieve and believed in me, my workbooks and the idea of a handwriting workshop, to help people of all ages with their handwriting.

WHSmith Handwriting workshop Isle of Man


This workshop was a great success, and with my workbooks flying off the shelves this relationship went from strength to strength. I regularly returned to host more workshops and help with the restocking of my workbooks to meet the high demand.

WHSmith handwriting workshops

These free drop-in handwriting workshops were a great way for the store to offer their customers a unique experience, providing them with added value and increasing the footfall to the store.

I was always so impressed by the turnout I received at each and every workshop at this store and I always look forward to returning, to provide new faces with the free help they may need with their handwriting and to also catch up with familiar faces to see how they have been getting on with their writing.

It was at this time I came across Orchard Press Ltd based in Swindon. Being a family run business like my own, I was keen to find out more about them and following a meeting with Directors Samantha and Jason Grubb, I was truly inspired by their work ethic and the quality they provide, and so my relationship with them began.

Orchard Press Ltd really helped me to achieve the excellent quality standards that are expected from a brand such as WHSmith.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Jason and Samantha from Orchard Press Ltd, Swindon. It is always difficult to obtain perfection in printing, but the whole team have worked incredibly hard to reach the very best results for every single print run we do. I love working with them to produce my books and I look forward to many more years of working with this fabulous team.

Morrells Handwriting partner with Orchard Press

Look out for the second part of our WHSmith journey coming soon!

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