WHSmith Store Gets Children Excited About Handwriting

handwriting workshophandwriting workshop

It is always a pleasure to be invited back to WHSmith in the Isle of Man for another handwriting workshop. On this occasion I was delighted to help over 30 children and adults improve their handwriting.

Incredibly this store had run low of our books, having sold 94 Morrells Handwriting workbooks since my last visit in April. Simon Nettle, Store Manager said “We are delighted to stock these popular handwriting books and I was not surprised that we needed to restock the empty shelves before Sue started the workshop.”

During the workshop, I showed a number of teenagers how to improve their handwriting and reduce writing fatigue in preparation for their GCSE’s. I was also able to help them select the best pens and pencils to write with.

handwriting workshop


Many local teachers also took the opportunity to visit the workshop and to pick up some extra handwriting workbooks for the new academic term. It was wonderful to hear their enthusiasm about handwriting and to share handwriting tips with them.

Simon added, “I am confident that if the Morrells Handwriting workbooks were stocked in all of our stores, these brilliant handwriting workbooks would enable WHSmith to get even more children excited about handwriting, and writing legibly.”

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