Our WHSmith Handwriting Roadshow continues with a great workshop in Glasgow!

WHSmith Glasgow handwriting workshop

Last month our handwriting roadshow continued with a visit to the WHSmith store in Argyle Street, Glasgow for another of our free drop-in handwriting workshops.

We had a great time at the Glasgow store and the response both we and the workshop received really did exceed our expectations. It was wonderful to help the many children and adults who wanted handwriting help and practical advice.

Writing by hand is a complex, challenging and extremely important life skill and many children, teenagers and adults struggle with their handwriting.

These free handwriting workshops help with the essential stages of the writing process, from letter formation through to cursive writing. During each workshop, we work one-on-one with each and every visitor, going through numerous writing techniques to help them achieve a fast, fluent and legible writing style and embed positive handwriting habits.

Store Manager, Brian Mcintyre said,“It was great to host the Team from Morrells Handwriting in our Glasgow Store. There was a great buzz created by their workshop and the look of delight on the faces of children and their parents was a joy to see. The way the team were able to make all participants feel comfortable and open up has got to be highly commended. I would recommend any other Store Managers to facilitate this valuable and professional workshop which integrates perfectly in our Stores.”

We are looking forward to continuing our roadshow tour around the UK. Look out for more WHSmith dates to be announced soon.

Please see the dates and locations of our next WHSmith handwriting workshops below:

Sunday 29thSeptember, 11:00 to 16:00

WHSmith, 48-50 Strand Street, Douglas, Isle of Man

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