WHSmith: Books We Love!

Our handwriting workshops in the Isle of Man branch of WHSmith are always very popular; however nothing could have prepared us for the crowds that attended our recent workshop.

Simon Nettle, WHSmith Store Manager said, “The Morrells Handwriting workshops are always well attended but on this occasion the huge crowd took us all by surprise. It is a joy to see older children patiently queuing for handwriting help and leaving with a new found confidence and enthusiasm for writing by hand.”

WHSmith stores are the perfect partnership for the Morrells Handwriting books and workshops, as they stock a wide range of quality stationery products, enabling us to give their customers valuable advice on choosing the best pencils and pens to purchase for improving their handwriting.

“We are always delighted to welcome Sue back into our store,” said Kevin Lee, WHSmith Deputy Store Manager. Kevin pictured above continued, “We simply love the Morrells Handwriting books and by stocking them, WHSmith is unique in offering handwriting help to teenagers and adults who may have missed out on this skill; helping them to rekindle their love of handwriting and stationery.”

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