Whittington Primary School’s Handwriting Policy: The importance of a good handwriting policy

correct handwriting gripcorrect handwriting grip

We are delighted to announce that the Whittington C of E Primary School have now adopted the Morrells Handwriting Scheme and resources within their handwriting policy.

The school share our view that the importance of handwriting should not be underestimated and that good handwriting should be actively demonstrated, explained and practised across the whole school and when the child is at home. It is because of this view that the school have recently made their handwriting policy easily accessible to parents on their website.

All schools should have a thorough handwriting policy in place, which outlines the font that the school will be teaching handwriting with, the resources they will be using and how often they will be teaching or practising handwriting within lessons.

By having a document available which outlines the above, a school can ensure handwriting is being consistently taught throughout their school, and by making it accessible to parents, a school can also ensure that this consistent teaching is also being reflected at home.

If your school does not have a thorough handwriting policy in place, we would be more than happy to provide you with our expert handwriting advice. Get in touch with us today.

You can find the school’s handwriting policy on their website, under the ‘Handwriting Policy’ section.

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