Which handwriting book do I require for my 7 year old?

Morrells Handwriting Letter Formation handwriting bookMorrells Handwriting Letter Formation handwriting book

As a parent, selecting the right handwriting book for your 7-year-old can be a crucial step in supporting their literacy development. Morrells Handwriting are uniquely designed to be accessible for users regardless of their age or ability.

In a contrast to the more traditional approaches to handwriting resources, Morrells Handwriting emphasises that handwriting should not be strictly tethered to a child’s age but rather tailored to their individual readiness.

Our Handwriting Workbooks are versatile and accommodating, making them suitable for children of various skill levels to use in the classroom or at home.

The key lies in assessing your child’s current handwriting proficiency and selecting a handwriting book. Our handwriting books provide a progressive series of exercises, allowing children to advance at their own pace. This removes the perceived pressure to be using a specific book because of their age.

To assess proficiency, we look at how many letters of the alphabet are incorrectly drawn. If there are 6 or more letters drawn using the incorrect direction, then we start the writer on Letter Formation workbook 1, moving onto Letter Formation workbook 2 and then 3 when your child is ready.

This is applicable to every child regardless of age.

Handwriting development varies from child to child. Morrells Handwriting encourages parents to focus on their child’s current abilities rather than adhering strictly to age-based criteria. The methods used in our handwriting books are designed to equip a writer with the right skills to develop their handwriting at the right speed for them so that they have neat, legible handwriting and can write at speed.

Our Letter Formation and Joining Letters resources provide you with a valuable tool to support children outside of the classroom. You can encourage regular practice using a handwriting book from Morrells, offer positive reinforcement, and engage in activities that promote fine motor skills.


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