The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society – Postcard Drop 2021

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The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society – Postcard Drop 2021

Looking for fun and quirky activities that you can get your child involved in over the Summer Holidays? 

Help your child to embrace the magic of sending a postcard this summer by taking part in the Postcard Drop 2021! 

I was recently sent a message on Twitter from The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society, where they shared some information on a fun campaign they are running throughout the Summer Holidays.

Titled ‘Big Summer Holiday Postcard Drop 2021’, or as it is being referred to on Twitter, the  #PostcardDrop2021, this campaign is something that anyone of any age can get involved in over the 6-week summer holidays.

Dinah, the wonderful person behind The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society has launched the campaign as she feels “it would be lovely to encourage everyone, and especially children, to pick up a pen and send a little postcard this summer to keep writing”.

I love the idea and wanted to share this campaign with my customers and followers, as a great activity you can get your children involved in, to get them practising their handwriting over the holidays whilst having fun.

As it is suitable for people of all ages, why not take part yourself to get writing by hand again?


How to get involved

To take part all you need is to choose your postcard – it could be one from your local area, one from your staycation or even a handmade one.

Then get writing! You can talk about anything, maybe what you’ve got up to over the holidays so far or your plans for the rest of the holidays.

Maybe you could share some interesting facts about the area your postcard is from.

The possibilities are endless! Get creative with your writing and have fun.

Once your postcard is written, add a stamp and send it to:


THLAS #PostcardDrop2021

PO Box 9347

Swanage, Dorset

BH19 9BG

Then keep an eye out on The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society’s Twitter page

I can’t wait to see how many postcards they receive, and I’ll be following along on their Twitter page throughout the holidays.

You can find out more about the Postcard Drop 2021 here

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