Sue Smits joins Nathan Gynn on Teachers Talk Radio

Teachers Talk RadioTeachers Talk Radio

I was delighted to have been invited to appear on Teachers Talk Radio in recent weeks to speak with Nathan Gynn on The Twilight Show alongside Nicky Parr from Better Handwritten.

It was a fantastic opportunity to share the Morrells Handwriting journey, discuss the positive impact of our handwriting resources as well as explain how we help teachers and parents teach handwriting correctly.

During the Teachers Talk Radio show we discussed and debated several trends and topics related to the skill of handwriting and the teaching of handwriting in schools.

I was keen to reinforce my stance on the detrimental impact of handwriting not being included in Teacher Training. This is a topic I have spoken about many times in recent years. I see first-hand the problems it causes in the classroom for teachers and how this filters through to students.

We touch on the importance of regular practise for children and how best to do this. Allowing children, the time and space to master the key elements of learning to write, enables them to establish the building blocks to developing legible handwriting.

The topic of the digital age and the skill of writing was discussed as we battle against children’s increasing screen time and what that means for handwriting.

I addressed the important issue of poor pencil grip, which led to an interesting debate on personal experiences.

Find out my thoughts on pen licences and the teaching of a pre-cursive style with the lead-in stroke.

Listen to the Teachers Talk Radio episode in full here. 



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