School time pressures and catching up with handwriting

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Following the Covid-19 pandemic and the numerous lockdowns that took place across the country, school time pressures aren’t surprising. Especially to ensure all students have mastered the right skills they need under the National Curriculum, and in time for SATs and other exams.

Handwriting is one area in particular where schools, teachers, and students are playing catch up.

Due to school time pressures, I understand that teachers are looking for an effective system/approach that offers a quick fix, enabling them to quickly raise handwriting standards across their school without compromising on quality or the approach to teaching.

I am proud to be able to offer this ‘quick fix’ through the Morrells Handwriting workbooks and package of support.

A solution that won’t just sit on the shelf

Having worked closely with schools across a wide variety of settings, I have been able to develop a great understanding of what schools want and are looking for when it comes to handwriting and teaching support.

Contrary to many of my competitors, I don’t just provide schools with an overly complicated ‘manual’ and handwriting scheme that requires hours of inset training, leaving them to follow it.

I know that this type of approach simply just doesn’t work for schools and the ‘manual and scheme’ just ends up sitting on a shelf gathering dust.

Instead, the Morrells Handwriting approach can be easily slotted into your lessons and is easy to follow and use, enabling you to make handwriting part of your everyday teaching.

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“In the 23 years that I have worked in the mainstream and special needs sector training children in handwriting techniques, this has to be the most logical system I have encountered. It doesn’t detract or confuse the writer; it’s fun and relates to everyone”

British Council Ambassador NW

Morrells Handwriting simplifies it for you

My handwriting resources and teacher training sessions really do simplify the teaching of handwriting for you and will enable your teachers to quickly develop the correct knowledge, to teach children handwriting in line with the curriculum in the most efficient way.

Not only this, but all of my workbooks are simple and easy to follow for the writer and have been created in a way that helps to keep children interested.

I understand how difficult it can be to encourage students to practise their handwriting skills, but with the right resources you should be able to maintain their attention and keep it fun, so it doesn’t feel like it’s learning; my workbooks do just this.

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“Simple and easy to use, the children are making progress with their writing using these workbooks.”

Danielle Barker, Northway Special School


Real time support from a real person

The Morrells Handwriting approach is much more than just workbooks; the support I offer to each and every parent, teacher, and school I work with is simply unparalleled.

I understand and have seen first-hand just how much of a positive impact that real time support from a real person has for a school and their teaching staff.

Sharing my knowledge regarding the science of how children develop and learn to write plays such a big part of the Morrells Handwriting approach to teaching handwriting.

I am there to provide the support your school needs, holding your hand and guiding you every step of the way with the knowledge I have developed from my 15+ years’ experience of teaching handwriting.

Sue Smits


I have worked hard to embed the science of handwriting into each workbook, so all your school and teachers have to do is choose a book based on a child’s ability and the workbook will do the rest, guiding them through each stage to build strong foundations and their writing confidence.

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“Once again, Sue has delivered a fascinating insight into handwriting. We had Sue in school a few years ago and her wealth of knowledge amazed us even then. It is clear, however, that she has not stopped since our last meeting and has been researching and lobbying for changes to be made to how handwriting is taught and implemented. Morrells Handwriting scheme comes with a wealth of knowledge, science, and support behind it. A fantastic opportunity to understand how to improve handwriting at not only primary school, but beyond.”

Jo Price, Deputy Head, High Legh Primary School


If your school is feeling the pressure and is looking for support when it comes to catching up and teaching handwriting, I would love to support you.

Please don’t hesitate to drop me an email or give me a call if you’d like to learn more about the Morrells Handwriting approach.

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