Morrells Launch New Range of Handwriting Exercise Books

Morrells Handwriting Exercise BooksMorrells Handwriting Exercise Books

For the Morrells Handwriting team, there have been some exciting developments taking place as we enter 2021. We are delighted to be celebrating the launch of our latest books: our new range of handwriting exercise books.

Designed for both classroom and home use, these A4 handwriting exercise books have been designed to help your child transfer their neat handwriting into all other subjects.

We have been developing these books for several months and are excited to finally be able to launch them on our website, allowing teachers and parents across the country to access them and start using them as a resource to support their children’s handwriting.

To celebrate this launch, we sat down with our Director and Founder Sue Smits to ask her a few questions and share some more information with you about the inspiration behind the books and how they can benefit your children and/or students.


Why have you designed these handwriting exercise books?

Many schools report that children struggle to transfer their neat handwriting practice into other subjects, so we researched why this was a problem.

 Anyone who has attended one of my training sessions will know how much science there is behind learning to write. The Morrells team continuously learn more about this complex life skill every week.

 We discovered that the gap between handwriting practice and writing in other subjects was too large, so we have bridged the gap with our new exercise books.

 We like to call it ‘scaffolding’. The shaded lines in these books keep some of the ‘scaffolding’ in place to help with the transition to normal lined paper.

 It’s a little support whilst they grow confident with their new skill.


What are the benefits of these books?

These new exercise books are a great addition to the Morrells range.

The shaded lines help the writer to visualise the height of each individual letter, as well as helping them to place ascenders and descenders in the correct place.

Who have these books been designed for?

The books are perfect for anyone wanting to tidy up their handwriting, regardless of what style of handwriting they are being taught.

Can they be used in conjunction with the other Morrells workbooks?

They are a great extension to the Morrells workbooks and offer extra handwriting practice to master beautiful, fluent and speedy handwriting.

We hope you love them as much as we do!

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