Morrells Handwriting Workbooks are The Number One Choice for Handwriting

Last month, I was delighted to be invited back to WHSmith in the Isle of Man for another free handwriting workshop. Many of their customers had recently been to parents’ evening where they had been informed that their child needed to improve their handwriting.

As a parent it is always difficult to know what to do to help improve handwriting, so I showed them how easy the Morrells Handwriting workbooks were to use and how quickly the books create legible, fluent handwriting.

During the workshop, a number of parents popped into WHSmith to let me know that my books had improved their child’s handwriting. I enjoy receiving feedback from customers and it is fantastic for my stockists to hear that they have a winning product on their shelves.

WHSmith Deputy Manager, Kevin Lee said, “Currently, there is a real buzz about having neat handwriting and the Morrells Handwriting workbooks simply fly off our shelves.” He added, “We have a wide range of handwriting books from other publishers in our store, but it is only the Morrells Handwriting workbooks that our customers want to purchase.”

2017 has proved to be a fantastic year for Morrells Handwriting. Our stockists including WHSmith, Morley’s, Teach Play Learn, Left n Write, More2Education, Waterstones and Amazon Fulfilment, have all helped us to become the fastest selling handwriting resource in the UK.

Our national reach continues to grow with a 100% increase in units sold this year, making Morrells Handwriting the number one choice for handwriting books.

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