Morrells Handwriting attending Dyslexia Show 2024

National Handwriting Day 2024 (2)National Handwriting Day 2024 (2)

We are delighted to announce Morrells Handwriting are returning to the Dyslexia Show 2024, taking place from Friday 15th March to Saturday 16th March. Sue Smits, owner and founder of Morrells Handwriting, has also been invited to deliver two seminars during the conference for Parents and Teachers.

The Dyslexia Show 2024 is the leading conference for educators, parents, and professionals dedicated to addressing dyslexia and related learning challenges.

Understanding the Root Causes of Handwriting Difficulties

Friday 15th March – 3:30pm to 4:15pm – Education: Room 2

On Friday afternoon, Sue will be delivering her first talk, focused on answering the question – Have you ever wondered why some children struggle with handwriting?

In this session, Sue will share her knowledge and research to help you understand why some children struggle with handwriting. Drawing on her experience of teaching handwriting to tens of thousands of children in primary and secondary schools, Sue will explore the root cause of poor handwriting. In addition, she will demonstrate how you can quickly unpick poor handwriting habits.

Solutions for Handwriting Difficulties

11am – 11:45am – Saturday 16th March 2024 – Room 3 – Parents

Join Sue on Saturday morning for a Parents workshop on learning how to identify and rectify the root cause of handwriting problems, ensuring that every child can achieve legible handwriting.

Sue has been working with early years, primary, and secondary schools for over 18 years, helping children with pencil grasp, letter recognition, and joined-up handwriting techniques whilst supporting human development for pre-writing skills.

Learn why handwriting is such a challenge for children in the Early Years and why writing by hand is still a challenge for older children.

Understand the complexity of writing as a skill and how all other development combines to support handwriting.

Discover how to identify which tasks need to be integrated for successful handwriting and how to implement simple strategies for emergent writing.


Visit Stand C102

You can also find Morrells Handwriting on Stand C102, where you can explore how our innovative range of handwriting workbooks and resources can support children learning to write. Whether you are seeking guidance on supporting children with learning to write or have questions about their unique approach to handwriting education, we will be on hand to answer any questions.

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