Look out for Morrells Handwriting on the High Street

Parents often struggle to help their children and teenagers with their handwriting. It can be daunting to know that your child’s handwriting is messy, but not know how to help fix it. The Morrells Handwriting workbooks have been created to make it easy for the user to master legible handwriting, no matter their age.

My handwriting books and worksheets have all the ingredients needed to create beautiful handwriting and are fast becoming the number one handwriting resource used by schools in the UK, which is why parents need to have easy access to them through more shops on the high street.

There are several small stores across the UK that currently stock my workbooks, where parents can go to simply pick up our range of workbooks off the shelf and begin using them with their child at home. One stockist in particular has seen huge success with the Morrells Handwriting workbooks – the WHSmith Douglas branch, located in the Isle of Man.

The store has had such a success story with my workbooks that I recently presented the store’s Deputy Manager, Kevin Lee, with an award in recognition of record sales they have had of the Morrells Handwriting books at the Isle of Man store.

Store Manager at the WHSmith Douglas branch, Simon Nettle

It is a real challenge for small businesses to get onto the high street, however the success of this one store selling 680 of my handwriting workbooks demonstrates how rewarding it can be for everyone, including parents and children.

I hope to see more high street stores and supermarkets stocking my range of handwriting workbooks, to make it even easier for a parent to pick them up and to give more children to access to my expert handwriting help.

But don’t just take my word for it; Store Manager at the WHSmith Douglas branch, Simon Nettle, had the following to say to high street retailers, “Stocking the Morrells books is mutually beneficial. We have an increased footfall and sales for WHSmith, plus a sense of giving something to our community by hosting a handwriting workshop.” He continued, “My message to other stores is that you are missing out, but happy to help if you would like to do the same as our store!”

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