Leaving a mark with a loved ones’ handwriting

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Over recent years, we have seen a trend emerge where handwriting is being used to help personalise gifts and mementos, and even copied and used as designs for tattoos. This is a lovely sentiment, but it does highlight the importance of legible handwriting.

Handwriting is a part of you and your personality and using a loved ones’ handwriting to personalise something is a great way of capturing their personality and creating something truly special.

However, we have seen some cases where things have gone wrong due to poor and illegible handwriting.

Here’s the perfect example of where poor handwriting can make a special mark difficult to read.

poor handwriting


With Christmas fast approaching, we wanted to give a light-hearted word of warning that if you are planning on gifting something that has been personalised with a loved ones’ handwriting, just make sure that the writing looks nice and that it is legible, so you can create a stunning piece that they will treasure forever.

If you plan to copy your own or your child’s handwriting for a touching and special gift for a grandparent, parent or loved one, there is still plenty of time to practise and improve your own handwriting or their writing, before you capture it forever in an engraved or tattooed form.

Our workbooks are suitable for children, teenagers and adults of all ages and can help you to quickly transform your child’s handwriting or even your own.

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