WHSmith Hosts Morrells Handwriting Workshop

I have always had a love for writing by hand and believe it is vital that people of all ages can access the correct support they need to master beautiful, legible handwriting – whether that is a child, teenager or adult.

Last month, I was delighted to be given another opportunity to share my passion for handwriting with the customers in the Isle of Man branch of WHSmith.

I love everything connected with handwriting including pens, pencils and stationery, and learning how to hold a pencil and pen correctly is an important life skill. Once taught, it opens up a world of writing for pleasure and one that is free from tired and aching hands.

My handwriting workbooks are perfect for practising the correct pencil or pen grip and have proven extremely popular at the store. They are perfect for helping to strengthen the finger muscles needed to steer the writing instrument across the paper while learning to form letters and join them correctly.

“Sue’s previous handwriting workshops have been tremendously popular and this workshop was no exception,” said Kevin Lee, WHSmith Deputy Store Manager. Kevin pictured above, restocking the Morrells Handwriting books continued, “From the start Sue had a large crowd of children and adults waiting patiently to learn how to write correctly. We love hosting these workshops and we look forward to the next one.”

Missed this workshop?

Keep a look out on the WHSmith – Isle of Man Facebook page for the date of my next visit to this store.

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