Morrells Handwriting help schools with handwriting training in September

handwriting traininghandwriting training

I was delighted to work with a number of schools in recent weeks, to deliver handwriting training sessions and help their teachers feel ready and prepared going into the new school year.

It is essential that teachers feel confident teaching handwriting and that they have all the knowledge and skills they need to support their students’ in mastering beautiful, legible handwriting.

My training sessions help schools and teachers to achieve this.

A number of the training sessions I have delivered in recent weeks were conducted virtually, which is great as they make it speedy and easy for me to work with large groups of teaching staff in one go.

However, I did visit one school in person to deliver the training session, which was a real pleasure particularly following the past 18 or so months.

I love delivering my training sessions and doing what I do best; sharing my knowledge and expertise to ensure teachers feel confident when it comes to teaching handwriting.

handwriting training

I had a great time working with the teachers at these fab schools and I have already received some great feedback from the teachers, with one sharing the following comment:

“Fantastic, eye-opening training session, the best CPD training we have ever had. You have a wealth of knowledge and we can hear your passion for handwriting. Ashamed to say we teach the lead-in stroke, but that will change now we have seen all of your evidence and examples”.

With feedback like this, if your school is yet to book one of my training sessions, what’s stopping you?

My training delves into the root causes of handwriting problems and offers solutions that will enable your teachers to transform students’ handwriting, no matter how illegible it may be.

All of the training sessions are interactive, fun and are tailored to each school based on your individual needs.

If your school would be interested in booking a training session with Morrells Handwriting, email or call me today to enquire about availability.

I would love to work with you and your teaching staff to help you transform handwriting and raise standards across your school.

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