Handwriting training is important for all schools

Handwriting trainingHandwriting training

Does your school require help with handwriting?

Many school teachers tell us that they have not been taught to teach handwriting and that they feel out of their depth when asked to teach it. This is because handwriting is not taught as part of the Initial Teacher Training (ITT) and many trainees teachers rely on being taught how to teach it during their school placement.

It is fundamentally wrong that a handwriting module is not included in the Initial Teacher Training. Though, we have found that the small number of universities that do teach handwriting to their trainee teachers, have no idea how to teach it correctly. All teachers must be taught how to teach handwriting correctly based on how children develop and achieve the critical skills needed for learning to write by hand.


Are you concerned about handwriting in your school?

Morrells Handwriting provides handwriting training for teachers to learn how to teach handwriting properly, enabling pupils in both primary and secondary schools to write legibly and fluently, whilst meeting the current National Curriculum requirements.

Our simple yet practical training sessions are designed to equip teachers with the knowledge to identify common handwriting problems and the methods to correct them.

We don’t show you how to paper over the cracks; we teach you how to fix the root cause of illegible handwriting so that legible, fast and fluent handwriting is life-long skill.


What is included in the handwriting training sessions?

Knowing how to identify a problem in the classroom is a fundamental element of our handwriting training sessions. We help you to recognise the early signs of an issue that may lead to a bigger problem.

The content of our training sessions is founded on science and research to provide you with tools that you can trust and rely on.

Poor handwriting skills can be caused by environmental and developmental problems; being able to identify these root causes provides you with the opportunity to remedy them. During the sessions, we share a range of case studies and examples to provide you with the knowledge of what to look out for.

We will demonstrate how to develop dexterity which is important to write fluently at speed, along with how to support the human development that is needed for legible handwriting.

Understanding the importance of postural control for auditory processing and the correct sitting position to write is vital, along with being able to correct a poor pencil grip.

We teach letter formation in their handwriting families to quickly unpick illegible handwriting as well as the teaching of joined-up handwriting effectively to unpick problems caused by the entry/lead-in stroke.

Our methods and resources are designed for both a whole school approach as well as 1-1 intervention, ensuring there is a consistent way of teaching handwriting for all age levels and for all abilities.

What’s more, we can show you how to implement the Morrells scheme quickly to improve handwriting.


Benefits of Whole School approach to teaching handwriting

Implementing a single method of teaching delivers better results for students as they progress through school, learning and developing the skill of handwriting in the same, consistent manner. This is also beneficial to all teaching staff, both experienced and newly qualified, providing the school with a simple method to roll out to new teachers during their onboarding.

What do other schools say about the Morrells Handwriting training?

 “Very informative, some real eye-openers. Sue has excellent knowledge and presents it in a very calm and clear way. Great little tips that will make a big difference. Thank you!” Teacher, Wray Common Primary School – September 2022

“I was absolutely fascinated by the depth of information and the reasons behind so many things that we simply label as ‘bad habits’. I learnt so much – it was a revelation.” Teacher, Pitmaston Primary School, Worcester

 It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been teaching (me 35 years) you can still learn so much information on pupils’ development that you didn’t know existed.” English Teacher, Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan Secondary School – September 2022

“We introduced the handwriting workbooks last year and they have been a great success. The children enjoy them and take pride in their work, looking forward to their weekly handwriting sessions. As a teacher, I find the workbooks provide an excellent resource for teaching handwriting. Working through the workbooks has enabled progression throughout the year groups. I definitely recommend these workbooks” Jenny Merrison – Year 2 teacher

 “I really enjoyed how the training was grounded on science and research, which helped me to understand how to best improve my class’ handwriting.”Y6 Teacher, Chaterhouse Square School, London

More reviews are available here: https://morrellshandwriting.co.uk/reviews/


Practical and Engaging Activities

Our handwriting training sessions are packed with simple, doable activities that have been proven to work by over 3000 UK schools.

Let us provide your school with a range of new and exciting ways for teaching handwriting, even to the most reluctant writer.

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