Educational event at WHSmith is another overwhelming success

Sue Smits and Simon Nettle at WHSmith store June 2015Sue Smits and Simon Nettle at WHSmith store June 2015

Morrells Handwriting is on a mission to reclaim the lost art of sending a handwritten card. Their recent event at the Isle of Man branch of WHSmith was perfectly timed to help children write their Father’s Day cards.

Whatever the occasion, there’s no substitute for the joy of opening a handwritten card. The instore event was again inundated for seven hours with children keen to learn how to put pen to paper correctly.

Store manager, Simon Nettle joined in with the handwriting activities that help to encourage children to enjoy handwriting. “My own son has been using the Morrells workbooks to make his handwriting more legible and I can see a significant improvement already,” said Simon. “I am always astounded at the number of children attending with parents and enjoying these Morrells Handwriting workshops.”

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