Easter Activities perfect for improving handwriting

Easter is the perfect time to encourage your children to take a break from technology, to do activities that are fun and creative, whilst also helping to improve their handwriting.

If you are looking for ways to keep your kids entertained this Easter holiday, here are just a few of our ideas.

Get crafty making Easter Bonnets, Easter Eggs and Baskets

Making, painting and decorating an Easter Bonnet, Egg or Basket is a perfect activity, as the action of cutting and sticking helps to build your child’s fine motor skills and the hand muscles required to hold a pencil correctly and write legibly.  

It is also a great activity that helps to foster your child’s imaginative and creative side, which many children are lacking in this day and age due to the increased use of technology.


Send an Easter Greeting Card

Get your child to be more creative by painting or drawing their own Easter greeting card to send to a family member or friend. This again helps to strengthen your child’s hand muscles needed for handwriting.

This activity is also great as it encourages them to practise their handwriting. We know how hard it can be to get your child to practise their writing during the holidays, but it is vital you do.

By encouraging them to write a card, you are showing them that handwriting is not just for the classroom or for homework and that it can be fun too.

Get busy in the kitchen making Easter Treats

One other activity you can do involves making delicious Easter treats.

When mixing ingredients and baking, your child is again using and strengthening the muscles in their hand and fingers. If the muscles are not strong enough, they simply will not be able to hold a pen or pencil correctly, using the correct grip.

We’d love to see what activities you get up to over the Easter holidays, so please send us any of your pictures on Facebook or Twitter!


Happy Easter, The Morrells Team

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