The Duchess of Cambridge: Kate Middleton’s cursive handwriting

Catherine Middleton handwritingCatherine Middleton handwriting

The public were thrilled to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcome their new baby boy Prince Louis into the world last week, and we would like to say huge congratulations to the couple.

The Duke, Duchess and their children have been all over the news since the exciting announcement and having seen so much coverage on the family, it reminded us of a different piece of news we came across earlier this year surrounding the Duchess.


Kate Middleton’s cursive handwriting and pen grip

Titled “Yes, Kate Middleton’s Handwriting Is as Perfect as You’d Expect — See the Proof!”, this article immediately captured our attention with the mention of handwriting. We were intrigued to see this ‘perfect’ handwriting for ourselves and to discover the style of handwriting that Kate uses.

Upon reading the article and seeing the images of her handwriting, it was lovely to see that the Duchess uses a legible cursive style of handwriting. We were also impressed by the neatness and legibility of Prince William’s handwriting, despite him being left handed and writing in a printed style. But did you know that nursery school children are no longer taught to print, instead being taught the ‘pre cursive’ style from the start? We are outraged by this and we will be posting more information about the damage that this will cause young writers.

As well as showing Kate’s actual handwriting, this article includes an image with both the Duke and Duchess holding their pen to write. We were delighted to see how the Duchess was using the correct pen grip whilst writing. William on the other hand could take a few tips from his wife Kate, as his grip is not quite correct.

A correct pencil grip is a vital component of achieving legible handwriting. If a writer cannot hold a pen or pencil correctly, it can affect the speed and fluency of their writing. What’s more is that an incorrect grip can cause the writer to experience pain whilst writing, which can put them off writing by hand all together.


Prince George’s print style of handwriting

On the lead up to Christmas, we came across pictures of George’s letter to Santa and in these pictures, we were delighted to see that Prince George is being taught with the correct method of handwriting – print and not the current educational craze of the continuous cursive style with the entry/lead in stroke. We have previously discussed George’s handwriting in a blog we posted a few months ago.

With the birth of the new Prince, we are looking forward to seeing what his handwriting will look like and whether he will be taught with the correct method of handwriting and follow in the footsteps of his big brother, Prince George.

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