Department of Education amends Interim Framework Assessments

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As of today, changes and clarification to handwriting assessment in the Interim Framework Assessments will come into force as a result of misleading information to teachers in the original framework.

The announcement last night now clearly explains the standards of handwriting that teachers need to meet at the end of Key Stage 1 and 2, outlining how students are able to obtain the different criteria.

“To be awarded ‘working towards’ or ‘working at expected’ standards, pupils do not need to demonstrate joined up handwriting.”

This statement will ease the pressure felt by teachers as many that I spoke to were under the impression that they would not be able to meet the required standards if their students could not join their handwriting. As a result of this panic, handwriting in Key Stage 1 would not have been taught correctly as the teachers felt rushed to tick off the stages of handwriting development with the ultimate aim being joined up handwriting.

This rushed process of learning to write would have been severely damaging to the student’s handwriting development – not allowing them time to practice and master each stage of learning to write which is a key life skill.

The clarifications of the Interim Framework Assessments also clearly outline that standards are to be met at the END of each key stage. This should provide reassurance to teachers that they have ample time to nurture the development of handwriting at the right speed.

For me, this demonstrates a key step towards helping teachers to meet these frameworks and to demystify how their students achieve these standards.

Download the Teacher assessment and moderation guidance.pdf

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