Join our Christmas Handwriting Campaign – Write With Us

handwriting a letter to santahandwriting a letter to santa

Leading up to this year’s holidays, we are running our Christmas handwriting campaign to encourage children to write Christmas cards to their family and friends, write their Christmas wish list to Santa or even write a letter to Santa.

Our Write With Us campaign is aiming to get parents to make sure that their child is writing their name correctly, using correct letter formation and writing technique.

If you are concerned about your child’s writing, you can use our range of handwriting workbooks to encourage your child to practise correct letter formation both before and after they write their Christmas wish list or Christmas cards.

It is important that parents are ensuring that their child is able to hold their pencil correctly and that their hand muscles are strong enough for this task. The lack of muscle strength is becoming very common amongst young children as a result of overexposure to technology such as tablets and smartphones.

You can prevent this from happening to your child by encouraging them to write and encourage fun activities such as cutting, sticking and painting this holiday season, rather than spending their playtime on a tablet screen.

If you decide to get involved with our Write With Us campaign, we would love to see your child’s Christmas cards and wish list, so don’t forget to tag us in your Facebook or Twitter posts, or you can send us your pictures directly.

Let’s get our children having fun with their handwriting this holiday season, whilst helping to improving their letter formation and muscle strength.

Morrells Handwriting Christmas campaign

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