A look back at the year 2020

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With the New Year just around the corner, I wanted to take this time to reflect and take a look back on the events of 2020…and what a year it has been!

Through what has been such an unprecedented time, the pandemic has presented so many challenges for so many and there are no aspects of the world that have not been affected by the virus.

Despite the hurdles, it has been pleasing to see so many people pushing through with positivity and perseverance.

I am so grateful for the health and happiness of my friends and family, and for the continued support my small business has received in spite of the difficulties so many have been facing.

For that I would like to say a massive thank you to all of the amazing schools and teachers who have continued to support and work with us and to everyone who have purchased a workbook from us, booked a virtual lesson with me or simply liked or shared a post of ours on social media.

I would also like to give a huge shoutout to all of the NHS staff, carers and key workers who have been superheroes this year, along with the amazing teaching staff and parents who have worked so hard to ensure our children can continue to learn and thrive.

Over recent months, I have received numerous messages from many teachers and parents seeking support for their children both during and following the lockdown. I was delighted that I could support them virtually through this difficult time. Sharing my advice and knowledge to improve handwriting is something that I love to do.

I have also been directing parents and teachers to some great free resources and working with them one-to-one through my virtual lessons.

Another thank you I would like to say is to my stockists who have continued to place orders with myself, helping to make our books safely accessible to those looking to purchase them.

For many including myself, I know we will be more than happy to say goodbye to 2020, as we look ahead to 2021 and what hopes to be a promising year with a vaccine well on the way!


We got through this year and better things will be on the horizon.

Stay safe, stay positive and thank you for your support.

Happy New Year everyone!

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