Morrells Letter Formation 2 Words (Seconds, Box of 50)


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Pack of 50 books

Slight seconds. The books have slightly different shades of cream paper than we would normally like and some of the book spines have a square back bind rather than a rounded spine. This does not affect the quality, just the appearance of the book. Perfect for schools. Sold by the box of 50 books. Hurry, while stocks last! When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Letter Formation 2 is the next workbook in this series. This practical workbook provides extra handwriting practice in upper and lower case letters to form whole words and numbers 1-10. Perfect for improving confidence and understanding of letter direction, size and spacing.

The newly developed and innovative Bounce Technique helps guide the writer to form all letters correctly from the start, providing a strong foundation for legible handwriting.

Part of the Letter Formation series.

This workbook is non photocopiable
Purchase the Morrells Teacher’s Book, if you would like to photocopy.

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SayHola Reviews

"I am a huge fan of your workbooks and I have used them with my years 7-9 for the past two years. We are so pleased to have finally found something that will really help the students."Rainham Grammar School
"Simple and easy to use, the children are making progress with their writing using these workbooks."Northway Special School

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